CryoPump 2000A Automatic LN2 Dispenser

CryoPump 2000A is an automatic liquid nitrogen discharging system, to discharge liquid nitrogen from dewar to the application.

CryoPump 2000A is an ideal device to cool detectors of Bruker or Shimadzu Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrometer (FTIR), and compatible with most FTIR detectors.


1. Time interval can be preset for automatic fill

2. Gentle liquid nitrogen flow, free of splashing or vibration

3. No direct contact with liquid nitrogen for safety

4. Full automatic control for easy operation

5. Low evaporation rate during standby

6. Can be connected to a computer for monitoring and data record

7. Compatible with Antech 35L ~ 120L liquid nitrogen dewar

Working principle

By heating liquid nitrogen in bottom of the dewar, an overpressure is  

built inside of dewar, to allow liquid nitrogen rise out of the pipeline

and create a gentle liquid flow.

Filling time interval is adjustable, to match holdover time of detector.

The filling flow is stable and gentle. As soon as the detector is full,

the filling stops.

Controlling System

Touch screen controller on top of pump, displaying running statu s. All parameters can be set on touch screen,

which is convenient to use.

1.Temperature at bottom of container      

2.Inner pressure

3.Time of discharging

4.Liquid nitrogen level

5.Number of circles


7.Power button

Control on PC:

CryoPump 2000A is also supplied with controlling program for

computer, to monitor its working status and make settings             

according to the demand.

Therefore, CryoPump 2000A offers the remote control without

operater on site.

ModelCryoPump 2000A
Static   evaporation rate< 0,5 liters per day
Flow ratePre-set on 40 mBar (adjustable)
Maximum   working pressure< 300 mBar
Reaction time+/- 1 minutes for cooling down the fill line (with 1.6 meters   fill line)
Power   connection115V / 230V AC with supplied power supply or 12-24 Volt AC/DC
Power   consumptionaverage 10 Watts, during pumping 50 watts
Standard fill   line6.25 mm OD, 4 mm ID PTFE tube, with 32mm foam insulation
System   includesDewar, pump, fill line 1.6 m, phase separator, power supply,   cables, 2 level sensors, PC software.
Working modesAutomatic fill control with timer (1 sensor)
External   control5 volt signals for ON, OFF and RS232 signals for ON, OFF
PC softwareMonitor software, to monitor pump and data logging
Alarms/warning acoustical/ visual   / mechanicalDewar empty, Dewar 5 liters LN2 left, broken   sensor(s), frozen alarm,

Adaptor with sensor   for Bruker detectors

Adaptor for Shimadzu AIM8800 or similar

Custom built adaptor to fixate sensor(s) on application Transport trolley 5   wheels (10 cm height)
Stand for pump (when Dewar is refilled)

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