Vertical Half Rack for 2" Boxes

Antech provide total solution for cryogenic storage, including freezer racks, cryogenic boxes, cryogenic vials, etc. Antech manufacturing facility includes a full line of computer controlled equipment, allowing us to hold tight tolerances on all our products. Our products are of the highest quality and are fully debured to remove all sharp edges. All of our products have a lifetime warranty on workmanship.

Vertical Half Rack for 2" Boxes

1.Vertical design to save space. 

2.Less weight and easier handling. 

3.Spring clips for easy operation and prevent box drop.

4.Large handles at top for easy handling. 

5.Label holders for easy identification.

6.Constructed of high-grade corrosion resistant stainless steel.

7.Precision craftsmanship & no sharp edges.

Vertical Half Rack for 2" Boxes
Item#Description / CapacityH x W x D, mm
CFH-3-23 Boxes442 x 58 x 137
CFH-4-24 Boxes576 x 58 x 137
CFH-5-25 Boxes710 x 58 x 137
CFH-6-26 Boxes844 x 58 x 137

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