-150°C Cryogenic Freezer, Compressor Type

The -150 ℃ Cryo freezer provides a safe, convenient and economical alternative long term storage solution for a variety of biological specimens. It is also applied in precision instrument and equipment production.

It applies in institutions including blood banks, hospitals, epidemic prevention services, research institutes, research laboratories and industrial production. Antech Cryogenic freezer adopts high-efficiency cooling system, realizing super low power consump-tion, fast cooling and low noise level.

-150°C Cryogenic Freezer

Key Features

    Innovative single compressor refrigeration system, more stable, more efficient, lower power consumption & noise level

    World class SECOP compressor and German EBM fan

    Italy microcomputer controller, LED digital display

Ergonomic Design

    Lining with SUS304 stainless steel, easy to clean, rust-proof

    Power-on delay protection, shutdown interval protection, over-temperature alarm function

    Safety door lock design, to prevent unauthorized access

    Fluorine-free environmental friendly mixed refrigerant

ModelCabinet Type Temp
    Range (
    Capacity  (L/Cu.Ft)
DoorAmbient    Temp
VoltageInternalDimension   (W/D/H,mm)ExternalDimension   (W/D/H,mm)
Freezer RackMade in SUS304, sliding drawer type or frame side-taking type
Chart Recorder,CR-7Circular chart recorder, one paper per week
CO2 Backup SystemAutomatic control when freezer failed or power failure
LN2 Backup SystemAutomatic control when freezer failed or power failure




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