Class III

The Biological Safety Cabinet Class III is designed to provide the highest level of containment when working with hazardous materials involving highly infectious microbiological agents in BSL-4 Cabinet laboratories. These gas-tight enclosures protect the operator, the environment as well as the work in progress.

Class III Type Biological Safety Cabinet

Microprocessor Control System, Programmable

Biological safety cabinet Class III is 100% exhaust type, it ensures that there is no contamination on the samples and no air leakage to laboratory environment. It is the necessary equipment in BSL-4 laboratory.

Excellent Filtration System

  1. Ambient air is pulled into the cabinet through a pre-filter G4 which can trap larger particles and prolong the main filter service life.

  2. Air is passed through the downflow HEPA filter into the work zone as a vertical laminar flow air stream. The uniform non-turbulent air stream protects the samples against cross contamination in work area.

  3. The downflow air stream near the work surface splits and exits the chamber through perforations around work zone.

  4. Air from work zone passes through the first exhaust HEPA filter below the work surface, before traveling through internal Ducting. Then the filtered air passing through the second exhaust HEPA filter located above the cabinet's main chamber to outside environment.

Normal size 3 feet4 feet5 feet6 feet
Internal   Dimension (W*D*H,mm)1000*600*6901300*600*6901600*600*6901800*600*690
External   dimension (W*D*H,mm)1470*790*21001770*790*21002070*790*21002270*790*2100
Internal work   area 0.60 0.780.961.08
Number of   glove port2234
Glove   type HONEYWELL Butyl gloves   8" 
Intial air   volume 250m3/h350m3/h450m3/h500m3/h
Airvolume   processing0.05m/s
Negetive work   zone pressure -120PA
Prefilter G4 Filter
ULPA Filter Typical Efficiency
    (Downflow, 1st Exhaust, 2nd Exhaust)
Standard   HEPA filter, 99.995%(@0.3μm)
    Optional for ULPA fitler,
Production   standard  NSF/ANSI 49
Noise level (   NSF/ANSI 49) 65dB(A)
Main body   material Electrostatic Powder   Spraying Cold Rolled Steel
Work ZoneStainless steel Type 304
LED lamp24.5W31W36W36W
UV Lamp (Work   Zone)20W30W40W40W
UV Lamp (Pass   Box)8W
Max.Power (   with socket)2.1 KVA2.3 KVA2.5 KVA2.5 KVA
Rated power1 KVA1.2 KVA1.4 KVA1.4 KVA
Voltage 220~240V/50HZ,single phase
Net   weight 350KG420KG490KG540KG
Gross weight430KG520KG600KG620KG


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