Cryogenic Freezer, LN2 Auto Fill, Aluminum

Advantages of vapor phase storage have been accepted by more and more users. However, most of existing

vapor phase cryogenic freezers are big in size, large in capacity, heavy in weight and expensive in cost. A

large part of users are willing to store their samples or products in a vapor freezer, but they do not have so

many samples to be stored in a large stainless steel cryogenic freezer. CryoLite series is an ideal solution for

these applications.

The innovative capacitance-based level monitoring system allows CryoLite freezers to detect liquid nitrogen

level at centimeter accuracy. With auto fill components, it can realize -196°C liquid phase storge or vapor

phase storage with -190°C top box temperature.


1. Temperature & liquid level monitoring and alarm

2. Temperature & level data storage 

3. Full auto fill

4. Compact in size & small footprint

5. Light in weight & no floor bearing concerns 

6. Meets media quantity storage demand, 2ml vials from 2,400 pcs to 6,000 pcs 

7. Inventory racks for 2ml vials, 5ml vials, 25/50/250ml blood bags

8. Lower liquid nitrogen consumption & reduced using cost

9. Flexible to store at vapor phase or liquid phase

Advanced Control System:

1.CryoLite series cryogenic freezer is a compact system integrated with advanced temperature monitoring, liquid nitrogen level monitoring and automatic fill. 

2. It combines high efficiency of aluminum dewars and advanced touch screen controller. 

3. Top temperature, bottom temperature, liquid nitrogen level and LN2 usage is displayed on home page.

ModelCryoLite 24SCryoLite 36SCryoLite 48SCryoLite 60S
Maximum storage capacity 
2ml vial2ml vial (100-place   box) 2400360048006000
Number of racks6666
2" Boxes per rack46810
5ml vial5ml vial (81-place   box) 972145819442430
Number of racks6666
3.75" Boxes per rack2345
25ml blood bag
Numbers of blood bag168252336420
Number of racks6666
Layers per rack2345
Blood bags per layer14141414
50ml blood bag
Numbers of blood bag84168168252
Number of racks6666
Layers per rack1223
Blood bags per layer14141414
250ml blood bag
Numbers of blood bag48489696
Number of racks6666
Layers per rack1122
Blood bags per layer8888
500ml blood bag
Numbers of blood bag36363672
Number of racks6666
Layers per rack1112
Blood bags per layer6666
200ml blood bagNumbers of blood bag30306060
Number of racks6666
Layers per rack1122
Blood bags per layer5555
700ml blood bagNumbers of blood bag/303030
Number of racks/666
Layers per rack/111
Blood bags per layer/555

LN2 capacity   (L) 65115145175
Static evaporation   rate (L/day)
Static holdover time   (day) 549596116
Neck opening   (mm) 216216216216
Overall height (mm)controller not included 78590510401090
Outer diameter   (mm) 678678678678
Weight empty   (kg) 47586371
Weight full   (kg) 100151180213
Inventory rack for   cryobox (standard) 6666

Display &   controlTouch screen controller
Liquid nitrogen fillFull auto
On-site alarmSound & light
Temperature & liquid level displayYes
Data storage, USB   port, RS485 portYes
Power supply100~240V, 50/60Hz
Optional   inventory system

Rack for   3.75" cryogenic box (for 5ml vial) 
25ml   blood bagCassetteBBC-25BBC-25BBC-25BBC-25
50ml   blood bagCassetteBBC-50BBC-50BBC-50BBC-50
 250ml blood bagCassetteBBC-250BBC-250BBC-250BBC-250
500ml   blood bagCassetteBBC-500BBC-500BBC-500BBC-500
 200ml blood bagCassetteBBC-200BBC-200BBC-200BBC-200
700ml   blood bagCassette/BBC-700BBC-700BBC-700
Optional   accessories

Backup batteryOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Vacuum jacketed   hoseOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional
Roller base RB-65RB-65RB-65RB-65
Wi-Fi connection & cloud accessOptionalOptionalOptionalOptional

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