Negative Pressure Purification System for Vehicle

ANC-II on-board negative pressure purification system is designed to install on ambulance or other vehicle to create a negative pressure internal environment, to reduce cross-infection risks between medical staff and patients during transportation. Meanwhile, the air in the vehicle can be discharged after harmless treatment, effectively avoiding pollution to the external environment, and isolating the source of infectious diseases from spreading.

· Unique advanced control method for harmful aerosols, China national invention patent No. 201010267297.X.

· After the air in the car is harmlessly treated by a high-performance HEPA filter, the clean and harmless air is discharged outside of the vehicle.

· Built-in UV lamp on the air inlet surface to sterilize the filter.

· Real-time monitoring of vehicle internal and external pressure difference.

· Real-time monitoring of HEPA filter front side and back side.

· Touch screen controller and PLC intelligent control system, display important performance parameters in real time and various alarm available.

· Automatic adjustment of blower air flow according to vehicle negative pressure, ensure a stable level of negative pressure, effectively protecting the safety of medical staff.

ControlTouch screen controller & PLC
Negative pressure monitoringYes
Dimensions (W*D*H)455*340*430mm
Filtration efficiency≥99.99% @0.3μm
Air volume≥250m³/h
Power suppleAC220V、1Φ、50Hz
Rated Power500W

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