Cryogenic Freezer, LN2 Auto Fill, Aluminum

Advantages of vapor phase storage have been accepted by more and more users. However, most of existing

vapor phase cryogenic freezers are big in size, large in capacity, heavy in weight and expensive in cost. A

large part of users are willing to store their samples or products in a vapor freezer, but they do not have so

many samples to be stored in a large stainless steel cryogenic freezer. CryoLite series is an ideal solution for

these applications.

The innovative capacitance-based level monitoring system allows CryoLite freezers to detect liquid nitrogen

level at centimeter accuracy. With auto fill components, it can realize -196°C liquid phase storge or vapor

phase storage with -190°C top box temperature.

CryoLite Series Cryogenic Freezer

Features over traditional aluminum dewar:

1.Temperature monitoring: top & bottom

2.Liquid level monitoring: level display & LN2 consumption

3.Temperature & level graph display

4.Temperature & level data storage

5. Various alarm: temperature, high/low level, LN2 usage, fill timeout, bypass timeout, etc.

6. Auto fill, no need to fill manually (CryoLite-S)


Features over large stainless steel vapor freezer:

1.Compact in size & small footprint

2.Light in weight & no floor bearing concerns

3.Meets small & media quantity storage demand, 2ml vials from 2400 pcs to 6000 pcs

4.Lower liquid nitrogen consumption & using cost

5.Flexible to store at vapor phase or liquid phase


Other Features:

1.Lockable lid with insulation

2.Warm gas bypass system to avoid heat impact to samples

3.Auto fill or manual fill optional

4.Perfect match CryoCenter series for auto fill

5.Optional roller base for convenient movement

6.5-year warranty for vacuum performance

CryoLite 24SCryoLite 36SCryoLite 48SCryoLite 60S
LN2 Capacity L65120145175
Number of 1.2 & 2.0 ml vials 100/box2400360048006000
Number of 100-well boxes24364860
Number of Racks6666
Boxes per Rack46810
Neck Opening mm216216216216
Overall Height mm920108012401350
Outer Diameter mm678678678678
Weight Empty kg45495563
ControllTouch Screen + Microprocessor
AlarmTop & Bottom Temperature / LN2 Level / Fill Timeout / Bypass Timeout
FillAutomatic Filling System
Backup BatteryOptional
Roller BaseOptional


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