Cryogenic Cart

ANTECH CryoCart-II is designed for the loading of biological samples into canes, boxes, racks or frames. When used as a portable workbench, the unit will provide a safe and controlled environment for your samples for up to eight hours with the lid open. ANTECH CryoCart-II is ideal for transporting large quantities of samples from one tank to another within the same facility.

The cryogenic transportation cart is made of high-quality stainless steel with high-vacuum multi-layer insulation. The cover is made of aluminum alloy and thermal insulation foam. It is light and can effectively control the evaporation rate of liquid nitrogen, ensuring the effectiveness and durability of the low-temperature transfer of samples and products.


1.Operated with cover, cryo chamber temperature maintains below -180°C for 24 hours

2.Operated with cover, cryo chamber temperature maintains below -170°C for 36 hours

3.Temperature recorder is supplied with cart

4.CGA295 connection port

5.Large casters for easy movement

External   Dimensions (L X W X H mm)1465 x 590 x 1000
Internal   Dimensions (L X W X H mm)1040 x 335 x 390
Usable   Dimensions (L X W X H mm)1000 x 300 x 180
Shelf   Dimensions (L X W X H mm)1250 x 530 x 250
81/100-place   box30
2ml vial3000
50ml blood   bag105
200ml blood   bag50

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