Bulk Storage Tank

The unique internal heat insulation structure design and advanced vacuum pumping technology can ensure long-lasting vacuum life of the storage tank. The innovative modular piping system is used to ensure that the static evaporation rate of the storage tank is better than the industry standard requirements.


1. Long design service life up to 20 years

2. Compact structure

3. Manufactured in strict accordance with national standards:

GB150-2011: Pressure Vessels;

JB4730-2005: Nondestructive Testing of Pressure Vessels;

JB/T4711-2003: Pressure Vessel Coating and Transport Packaging;

GB18442-2011: Stationary Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Pressure Vessel

4. Easy to operate and convenient to maintain

ParametersInner containerJacket layerInner containerJacket layerInner containerJacket layerInner containerJacket layer
Working   pressure (Mpa)
Designed   pressure (Mpa)1.680.11.680.11.680.11.680.1
Operating   temperature (℃)-1960-50-1960-50-1960-50-1960-50
Designed   temperature (℃)-19650-19650-19650-19650
Storage medium LN2, LO2, LArPerlite LN2, LO2, LArPerlite LN2, LO2, LArPerlite LN2, LO2, LArPerlite
Main materialO6Cr19Ni10Q245RO6Cr19Ni10Q245RO6Cr19Ni10Q245RO6Cr19Ni10Q245R
Full volume   (m3)
Loading   coefficient95%100%95%100%95%100%95%100%
Effective   volume (m3)36.2581011.81516.2
Cylinder   thickness (mm)7686106106
Head thickness   (mm)88981281210
Weight (㎏)~3050~4081~6454~8772
Overall   dimensions (OD × H)DN1200/DN1800×4580DN1400/DN2000×5145DN1800/DN2400×5950DN1800/DN2400×8020
Container typeclass IIclass IIclass IIclass II
Form of   installationVertical Vertical Vertical Vertical 
Designed life   (years)20202020
Liquid level   meterElectric digital display   level meter
Inlet/outlet   valveDual valve design
Pressure   building deviceYes
StandardGB150-2011   (Pressure Vessels); JB4730-2005 (Nondestructive Testing of Pressure Vessels);   JB/T4711-2003 (Pressure Vessel Coating and Transport Packaging); GB18442-2011   (Stationary Vacuum Insulated Cryogenic Pressure Vessel)

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