-25℃ Biomedical Freezer, Premium

The -25℃ deep freezer offers a stable low temperature storage condition. Integrated design of cold shelf and evaporator provides additional refrigeration efficiency. This product is designed to store vaccine, reagent and many other biological materials, widely applied in research institutions and clinical sites in life science, electronic testing and medical fields.

-25℃ Biomedical Freezer Spirit

1.High-precision microprocessor temperature control system with digital 

2.LED temperature display 0.1℃ accuracy.

3.Temperature setting range is -10°C ~-25°C

4.The digital display show freezer work condition and alarm code, easy to know freezer satus

5.Audibale and visible alarm system for safe storage

6.High temperature alarm, Low temperature alarm, Sensor failure alarm, Door ajar alarm, Power failure alarm, Low battery alarm, Hot condensor alarm 

7.3 Channel sensors for cooling, display and amabinet temperature

8.Build-in USB interface enable users to download the historical temperature data 

9.Remote alarm contact for know the alarm in remote distance

ModelCabinet Type Capacity(L)Temperature Range(℃Voltage/FrequencyNet/Gross Weight(kg)Internal Dimension(W/D/H,mm)External Dimension(W/D/H,mm) 

220V~240V,50Hz/60Hz 110V 60Hz

MDF-25U270Upright 270-10~-25

220V~240V,50Hz/60Hz110V 60Hz


220V~240V,50Hz/60H110V 60Hz


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