LyoLab 10

LyoLab 10 series benchtop freeze dryers are designed for lyophilizing light sample loads. It is an extremely compact unit for freeze-drying products either in flasks, vials, ampoules or bulk. Large capacities of condensation (3 kg/24 h) in the minimum possible space.

Full 5 inch color touch screen controller, continuous monitors freeze-drying process. It also provides fully automatic functioning, with the possibility of manual actuation.

Bluk shelf models are for freeze-drying of bulk and raw materials. Stoppering shelf models are for vials and serum. Flask shelf is optional accessory upon request. 

LyoLab 10 series can be supplied with or without electric heating function. Users can choose according to product freeze drying requirements. 

1. Full color touch screen with LyoWise operation system:

  • Real time display of collector temperature & vacuum level

  • Automatic control of freeze-drying process, program can be set by users

  • Can be switched to manual operation mode at any time needed, to realize entire control of freeze-drying process.

  • Record vacuum rate, cold trap temperature, material temperature, shelf temperature, USB port for data download.

  • Alarms for temperature and vacuum level, guarantee the safety and stability of operation.

  • Digital password protection

2. The cold trap cavity and material shelf are made of 304L stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.

3. Material pre-freezing function.

4. Automatic defrost for easy use.

5. The cold trap drying chamber is made in aviation-class plexiglass transparent material, which can observe material status clearly.

6. World-class compressor, optimized single compressor cooling system, high efficiency, fast cooling, lower power consumption & environment friendly.

7. Various drying accessories to process flasks, vials, ampoules or bulk. 

modelLyoLab 10BLyoLab 10BHLyoLab 10S
FeatureDrying Chamber type Standard typeManifold typeStoppering type
Ice Condenser capacity3Kg/24h
Final condenser temperature≤-60°C
Effective shelf area0.1m28x250ml flasks0.05m2
ShelfShelf layers4/3
Shelf tray dimensionDiameter Φ210 mm  Φ180 mm 
Height between shelves50mm/50mm
Shelf heaterOptional/Optional
Refrigerant systemRefrigerant gasMixed CFC free,HCFC-free
Number of compressors1
Cold trap cooling rate20℃ to -40℃ ≤30min (no load)
Control Controller5 Inch color touch screen controller with LyoWise operation system
Freeze-drying ProcessUser Programable optional/User Programable optional
Data StorageYes
USB portYes
RS232 portYes
Auto defrostYes
CurrentMain unit 5A   
Total power1250W1400W1250W
Vacuum pumpVacuum pumpYes
Vacuum degree≤5Pa (no load)
Vacuum pumping ratefrom standard atmospheric pressure to 10Pa≤10min (no load)
Vacuum rate2L/s
Main unitVacuum leakge3x10-2 pa L/s
Condenser trap materialSUS304
Sensor typePT100
Material sensor±4
External dimensions (L×W×H)610*610*460mm

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