Walk-In Cold/Freezer Room

The walk-in cold/freezer room is a customized product meeting the demands in the medical service, scientific research , agriculture, biological and chemical industries etc. It is for storage of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, blood plasma and chemical reagents etc. Antech Walk-In Cold/Freezer Room is designed as per the WHO/PQS standard, ensures the high performance and reliable storage of specimens.

Walk-In Cold Freezer Room

Key Features 

    Microprocessor controller with high precision temperature sensors automatic constant temperature at 2℃~8℃ or -15℃~-25℃, with resolution at 0.1℃

    Digital LED display ensures storage in high ambient temperature (Optional LCD touch screen)

    Forced air cooling refrigerant system enables uniform temperature

    Dual system design: two refrigerant units automatically work in turns, one refrigerant units is failure, the other refrigerant still guarantees the inner temperature

    Monoblock refrigerant unit is for easy installation (below 40m³)

    Auto-defrost is for easy maintenance

    Alarm system such as high/low temperature ensures safety storage

Ergonomic Design

    World-famous hermetic compressor and refrigerant parts with excellence compatibility ensure a high freeze performance and durable lifetime  
    High quality insulation panel is composed of powder coated galvanized steel 100mm thickness PU insulation (density is 42Kg/m³), the insulation foaming layer constructer reduces the cooling bridge, low heat conduction which is better than 17W/m2K. The came-lock design is easy for installation
    Foaming door with excellent seals prevent cooling air leakage. Door frame heater avoids frost, easy to open the door
    Custains design reduces hot  air entering cold/freezer room when door open
    Pressure balance window balances internal and external pressure
    Shelf design optimizes the storage space and maximum storage volume (optional)
    Water-pack design enables the holdover time when power failure
    Safe-protection on power delay, over heat, high/low voltage ensures cold room in good condition
    Low noise level create a comfortable workshop
    Environment friendly, CFC-free and HCFC-free refrigerant and insulation
    LED light is to be controlled outside the room, waterproof, low heat dissipation and low energy consumption
    Anti-skid floor ensures safety walk in cold/freezer room


    Safety door lock enables open the door inside in occasion of door locked outside
    High/low temperature alarm, optional power failure alarm and remote alarm enable users handle the abnormal condition in time 
    Historic temperature data down-load through USB interface and temperature curves displayed from LCD screen
    Temperature recorder or data logger records the temperature data

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