Portable ULT Freezer, Stirling

Taking advantage of world-leading stirling cooling technology, Antech develop various refrigeration products with unique features, especially for biomedical product transportations, such as vaccine, blood, plasma, biological samples, pharmacy, cells, virus, etc. Main product include:

-86 Portable ULT Freezer (for biological samples)

-40℃ Portable Deep Freezer (for plasma)

2~8℃ Portable Refrigerator (for blood, vaccine, pharmacy, etc)

Compared with traditional compressor or semiconductor refrigerator, stirling cooling units have unique advantages:

● Wide temperature zone, wide range of adaptability to ambient temperature, can operate in high temperature.

● Cold end working temperature can reach -86℃. 

12-30V DC power supply.

● Resistance to shocks and bumps.

Longer life & lower failure rate.