Low speed refrigerated centrifuge

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AT-750R is widely used in the fields of clinical medicine, biopharmaceutical, biochemistry, genomics, etc. It’s ideal for separation and purification of blood samples in large quantities.


>Metal cabinet, stainless steel rotor chamber, steel protective cover

> Auto-adsorption lid lock, auto/manual can be set

> MCB control, HD-LCD touch screen

> Automatic stop protector for over speed, imbalance and lid open

> AC variable frequency motor with sensor for monitoring speed

> Timer mode is settable, this function can start the timer when the selected rotational speed is

reached for reproducible centrifugation runs

> 10 acceleration/deceleration modes are for different sample requirements

> Soft brake function for slow acceleration and braking

> Optimized for separation by gradient centrifugation(5 rates for option)

> Running data can be download by USB port (optional)

> User can lock and open lid by password, keep the samples safety

> Parameter can be changed during running process

Max. speed4000r/min
Max. RCF3500 x g
Max. Capacityswing-out rotor: 750ml×4
Run time setting1-99h59min59s
Timer ModeStarted from running/setting speed
Lid openManual/Automatic/Password
Display7’ HD-LCD touch screen
Data downloadUSB port(optional)
Acceleration/deceleration0-9 rates
Data query and export functionYes

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