CryoPAC Series Freezing Bag

The CryoPAC Freezing Bags are designed, produced and verified for a single cycle of freezing, cryogenic storage 

(down to -196°C) and thawing (at +37°C) of biological products. 

Each CryoPAC freezing bag is supplied with an overwrap bag, a set of integrated filling assembly and various of 

connection ports. The freezing bag main body and its overwrap bag are made of EVA, which has been proved to 

be durable for long term cryogenic preservation in liquid nitrogen. 

Various sizes with different nominal volumes are available: 25ml, 50ml, 250ml, 500ml & 750ml. Recommended 

filling volume from 5ml to 190ml. 


Each CryoPAC freezing bag, including corresponding overwrap bag, is individually packed and sterilized by electron-beam irradiation. The outer packaging can be disinfected for easy clean -room handling. This helps to maintain a sterile workflow from cell collection to storage and subsequent thawing.


Extensive validation testing was conducted to guarantee safety of CryoPAC freezing bags, such as: Irradiation sterilization/Physics and Chemistry/Biocompatibility/Extractables/Repeated freezing and thawing/Transportation

Optimized design

Each CryoPAC freezing bag is supplied with overwrap bag, tubing assembly and various ports for safety and convenient handling.

1. Freezing bag main body

Made of EVA material, durable for long-term cryopreservation. 

2. Overwrap bag

• Provided with each freezing bag for better protection of samples and 

freezing bag. 

• Made of the same EVA material as the freezing bag. 

• Space-saving shape enables compatibility with existing freezing cassettes. 

3. EVA tubing

Extra-long EVA tubing enables sampling for quality control by heat-sealing 

of sample-filled tubing sections.

4. Tubing assembly

• Integrated filling assembly with injection port, two female Luer-Lock 

connectors, one male Luer-Lock connector, and roller clamps for high 


• The extra-long PVC tubing, compatible with sterile connecting devices.

• Optimized Y-adaptor with female Luer-Lock connector.

5. Secure spike ports

• Two secure spike ports for removal of the thawed cell product. 

• The single-component ports are secured with sealed, twist-off protective caps. 

• Internal protection tubes inhibit perforation of the freezing bag during removal of the cell product.

6. Label pouch 

Label pouch for written sample information and to ensure label integrity throughout the freeze-thaw cycle.

7. Hanger hole

Hanger hole on the freezing bag, for convenient handling of the bag.


Catalog.   No.ProductNonimal VolumeRecommended   Fill VolumePackage   pcs/carton
5411000CryoPAC 025B25 ml 5 ~ 10 ml30
5412000CryoPAC 050B50 ml 10 ~ 20 ml30
5414000CryoPAC 250B250 ml30 ~ 70 ml30
5415000CryoPAC 500B500 ml55 ~ 100 ml30
5416000CryoPAC 750B750 ml80 ~ 190 ml30

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