-86 ULT Freezer, Energy Saving, Touch Screen

ANTECH -86℃ EcoTouch ULT freezer is designed with 7” touch screen for easy observation and operation. It is built by two compressors' cascade refrigerant system which ensure the vauable biosamples in reliable and safety storage temperature. 

It is also energy saving by using hydrocarbon refrigerant. Interior is made of #304 stainless steel for easy cleaning and durable use. 

The EcoTouch ULT freezer optimizes sample storage capacity within a small footprint. There are 4 models with different capacities for users optional.  

-86C EcoTouch ULT Freezer

A SMART freezer

    7” touch screen, easy observation & convenient operation

    Checking history temperature curve and alarm record on screen

    Self-diagnostic, automatic check & alarm for key components

    Optional USB port, download data conveniently 

A GREEN freezer

    Non greenhouse gas is used, an environmental friendly freezer

    Hydrocarbon two compressor cascade cooling system for super low power consumption


    SUS304 interior for easy cleaning & rust free

    White board to record a message conveniently

    Document groove to put paper, create a stylish lab

    Optional electric lock for safety and convenient administration

    Maximum sample storage capacity with an optimum footprint 

    Special noise reduction design, a real quite lab partner

ModelTypeTemperature Range   (C)Capacity(L/cuft)2ml Vails(Pcs)Voltage/FrequencyNet/Gross   Weight(kg)Internal   Dimension(W/D/H,mm)External   Dimension(W/D/H,mm)
MDF-86U340TUpright-40~-86338/11.9319200220~240V 50/60Hz 110V 60Hz286/306488x607x1140880x980x1940
MDF-86U458TUpright-40~-86408/14.4128800220~240V 50/60Hz 110V 60Hz292/317606x575x1180900x940x1940
MDF-86U588TUpright-40~-86588/20.7640000220~240V 50/60Hz 110V 60Hz335/363.5606x738x1310880x1080x2000
MDF-86U728TUpright-40~-86728/25.7050400220~240V 50/60Hz 110V 60Hz380/400963x558x13501248x970x1994
MDF-86U838TUpright-40~-86838/29.5960000220~240V 50/60Hz 110V 60Hz397/430894x718x13101190x1045x2010


Freezer RackMade in SUS304, sliding drawer type or frame side-taking type
Chart Recorder,CR-7Circular chart recorder, one paper per week
CO2 Backup SystemAutomatic control when freezer failed or power failure
LN2 Backup SystemAutomatic control when freezer failed or power failure



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