EcoTouch & TwinTouch series ult freezers installed successfully

Feb 14, 2018

ANTECH brand new EcoTouch & TwinTouch series ult freezers installed successfully at customer sites. 

Two kinds of cooling system available:
1. Two compressor cascade system with HC refrigerant, super low energy consumption.
2. Dual compressor system, maintain -70°C when one compressor fails.

Main features:

    7” touch screen, easy observation & convenient operation

    Checking history temperature curve and alarm record on screen

    Standard USB port, download data conveniently

    High-Performance Mode & Energy-Saving Mode meeting different demand

    Check different sensors temperature at touch screen, making service easier

    White board to leave a message conveniently

    Document groove to put paper, avoid mess and create a stylish lab

    Optional electric lock for safety and effective administration

    Self-diagnostic, automatic check & alarm for key components

    Maximum sample storage capacity with an optimum footprint

    Special noise reduction design, a real quite lab partner to work with

    A full range capacities: 408 liters, 588 liters, 838 liters. 728 liters available in end 2018.