PCR Cabinet With Laminar Flow

PCR laminar flow cabinet is for processes involving Polymerase Chain Reaction amplification and manipulation of DNA and RNA. Our PCR laminar flow cabinet with Vertical Laminar Flow to protects the operation samples from contamination.

PCR amplification processes are very sensitive and proper sterility levels are required to achieve accurate PCR results. Process contamination and cross-contamination are a serious concern. Therefore, it is imperative that PCR laminar flow cabinet is conducted within an environment where air quality is controlled. 

PCR Cabinets are used for reagent preparation and sample preparation to minimize contamination

PCR Cabinet With Laminar Flow


• Two pcs of washable G4 pre-filters traps large particles in the inflow air prior to reaching the main HEPA filter, 

   protecting against damage and prolonging HEPA filter life

• Main HEPA filter with efficiency 99.99% @0.3um, provides work area cleanness at  ISO5 of ISO14644-1,

   ISO100 of Federal Standard 209E 

• Velocity is adjustable from 0.26m/s to 0.38m/s provides super samples protection, the display on the LCD 

   screen,  It is with alarm system, users easily to observe the velocity

• The power motor co-work together with velocity sensor provides the vertical down-flow air without turbulent 

   flow which protects the samples out of contamination

• UV decontamination system is convenience for setting to decontamination the work area at any time

>Alarm System

1 Blower works abnormal alarm

2 Velocity exceed tolerance of setting value

3 Front sash glass height is not position alarm

4 HEPA filter life alarm

>Microprocessor Control System

>UV Decontamination

• A powerful UV lamp with 253.7 nanometer, built-in cabinet, to enable the work zone to be decontaminated between 

   experimental runs, thus preventing cross contamination

• The UV decontamination time can be set with the UV timer  the UV timer can is easy set 00:00 to 23:59, adjustable 

   can be separately on the minute and hour setting. UV can be also set auto stop time

• UV-filtering sash glass front and two glass sides protects UV exposure

• UV is interlock with light and sash glass window ensure the safe sue

>Reliable Construction

• Front sash glass door Max. open 590mm enable most device into the work area

• sash glass work height:210~330mm, user is more confortable in operating the samples 

• One-piece #304 stainless steel work surface with a rounded front edge is operator comfort and easy for cleaning. 

   The thickness is 1.2mm for durable use

• The front sash glass is 5mm (HVS-1000/1300) and 6mm (HVS-1600/1800), left and right side are made of double 

   layer glass, each layer glass is 5mm

• PAO test port is reserved for users to test the filter leakage easily

DimensionNominal size3 feet4 feet5 feet6 feet
Internal Dimension (WxDxH)1000×650×720mm1300×650×720mm1600×650×720mm1800×650×720mm
External Dimension (WxDxH) without support stand1180×745×1230mm1480×745×1230mm1780×745×1230mm1980×745×1230mm
External Dimension (WxDxH) without support stand1180×745×1920mm1480×745×1920mm1780×745×1920mm1980×745×1920mm
WeightNet Weight with support stand170KGs205KGs230KGs250KGs
PerformanceCleanness Class ISO 14644-1,Federal Standard 209E for ISO 5/Class 100 air
Laminar Airflow velocity 0.3m/s (Adjustable from 0.26m/s~0.38m/s)0.3m/s( Adjustable 0.28m/s~0.36m/s)
HEPA Filter≥99.99% (@0.3μm)
Prefilter Washable Pre-filter
Noise level≤65dB(A)
Vibration amplitude≤5μm
Concentration of descending bacteria≤0.5cfu·0.5h(φ90mm Petri dish)
Main PartsController Airtech Microprocessor
Display LCD color Display
Light (LED Lamp)24.5W31W36W36W
UV Lamp 20W (253.7 naometer)30W(253.7 naometer)40W (253.7 naometer)40W (253.7 naometer)
Blower Nominal power Quantity 75Wx175Wx275Wx275Wx2
Water proof Sockets qty500W/3A x2
MaterialWork table1.2 mm thickness 18 gauge stainless steel grade 304
side wall 0.5mm glass double layers Anti-UV exporue 
Back wall  Baking finish steel
Front slash window0.5mm glass layers Anti-UV exporue 0.5mm glass layers Anti-UV exporue 
Exterior Painted steel
Electrical DataPower without socket power180W220W220W220W
Voltage 220V/50HZ;220V/60HZ
Current1.2A 2A 2A 2A 

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